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Achieve a positive return on your investment in less than three months with PEPworldwide programs.

PEPworldwide changes forever the way your people work, resulting in consistent positive returns on your investment. Most participants see improvements virtually immediately, and the ROI payback is usually realised in less than six weeks. Read on to see how we calculate this.


PEPworldwide outcomes

PEPworldwide programs result in life-changing and sustainable behavioural changes, with some proven outcomes:

  • An extra two hours per day, on average, which can be focused on important activities
  • Learning how to avoid the ‘urgency culture’, which enables people to be proactive rather than merely reactive
  • Improved work habits, including the ability to prioritise and productively manage workflow, also minimising procrastination and disruptions
  • Flexibility, through improved organisational skills and less reliance on paper
  • The ability to better utilise technology and systems to store and quickly retrieve information
  • An overall cost reduction for the organisation and a greater ability to achieve company-wide goals
  • Less stress, more control over workload and a better work-life balance.

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Case study completed for a large corporate

The chart below averages the improvement estimated by participants over a range of areas of personal efficiency.

Overall, there was a performance improvement of 46%. Broken down, this equated to a:

  • 29% improvement in efficiency
  • 27% increase in time spent on key priorities
  • Reduction of reactive time by 38%
  • Stress reduction of 59%
  • Decrease in procrastination by 60%.

And an amazing extra 2.2 hours per person per day to spend on high performance activities.


Whatever aspects of personal efficiency you are focusing on to deal with your business challenges, PEPworldwide programs demonstrate incredible improvements and tangible returns on your investment.

Return on investment (ROI)

PEPworldwide’s unique training approach results in more effective outcomes for your business. Many other programs provide little, if any, long-term behaviour change, merely encouraging a short-term burst of motivation before participants revert to their previous habits and working style. Instead, PEPworldwide programs are highly customised to the organisation and personalised for each participant, with specific strategies that guarantee sustained behavioural change. 

What would be the value of an extra 2 hours a day per team member?

Let’s consider an example:

Saving conservatively: 2 hours per day per person 


Conservative average annual salary


Savings per participant, per annum      


This means that ROI payback occurs in less than six weeks.

Even if we are more conservative and assume only a 10% saving, the outcome remains: PEPworldwide programs obtain results - fast!

Knowing that an 18- to 24-month ROI payback period is considered an excellent investment, the benefit of PEPworldwide programs is clear.

Assessment and evaluation

At PEPworldwide, a significant emphasis is placed on evaluating our programs and measuring their return on investment. We pride ourselves on having the expertise and materials to enable us to respond to increasingly rigorous measures of effectiveness, so that we can clearly demonstrate the impact of PEPworldwide programs on the bottom line.

Kirkpatrick model

PEPworldwide programs use the highly regarded Kirkpatrick Model to achieve four different levels of precision in our measurement of results. This model states that evaluation should always begin with level one and, as time and budget allows, it should then move sequentially through the higher levels. Each level’s information serves as a base for the evaluation, and each represents a more precise measure, as the analysis becomes increasingly rigorous and time-consuming.

  1. On level one we consider ‘Reaction’. This is derived from participant satisfaction surveys and pre- and post-program evaluations. Here we consider feedback on the training environment, program content, PEP consultant, perceived value and adherence to ‘training best practice guidelines’. This level is included with every training program, and some clients do not require any further stage of measurement.
  2. At level two we target ‘Learning’, moving beyond simply learner satisfaction to assess the extent to which participants have advanced in skills, knowledge and attitude. Measurement methods here are based on both formal and informal testing, team assessment and self-assessment.
  3. Level three concentrates on ‘Transfer’, where we evaluate whether participants have applied what they have learned to their jobs. The formal one-on-one coaching component of our programs ensures that the theories learned are transferred directly to the actual jobs of participants during workshop sessions, as opposed to being left to chance after completion of a program. Organisations often consider this level as the most poignant reflection of the effectiveness of our solutions, and it is here that we confirm our courses are both life-changing and habit-forming.
  4. Lastly, level four assesses the impact of training on real business outcomes. For example:
    1. Retention = no. of people x % improvement in attrition rate x cost to retrain
    2. Morale = no. of people  x saved sick days (1 yr 1 person) x cost of sick day
    3. Sales = no. of people x % increase in sales x sales per week
    4. Productivity = no. of people x % increase in productivity x average salary

It is also important to note that performance results are dependent on two key factors, as evident in the table below:

Bring immense productivity improvements to your organisation! Tangible results are easily achieved and will make a positive difference to your bottom line.  

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

This case study records the benefits of movePEP implementations experienced by the regional office of five large corporations: DHL, Ernst and Young, Ford, Hewlett Packard and NCR.

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What our clients say

"The system is so successful that I now find it hard to work without having completed a plan."

Judy Nicholl, Training and Development Manager, AFFCO New Zealand

"PEP has really helped me. I have an awareness of a better way to work. The coaching helped me 'see' my problems and then provided me with tips to address these work issues. The on-going coaching and program support is the key to PEP's success within the workplace. In particular, I am now able to negotiate work within my 'peer team' in language that is common to us all."

Vince Hurley, People Capital Consultant - Employee Relations, IBT NZ

"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Mike Starr, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Bank

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