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Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 16 March, 2015

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities....

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_management). In simple terms, time management is the ability to use your time productively or effectively, especially at work.

Over the past few years, we have run several pieces on our blog to help you manage your time better. Here is a recap of the ones that stood out.

Professional Time Managers Tips To Improve Your Efficiency

According to surveys, most of our time in the office is consumed by interruptions, emails (checking them and replying), phone calls and meetings. This piece looks at the negative impact of multitasking in the workplace and what professional time managers have had to say about it. You might have thought multitasking to be a good way of killing several birds at the same time but this article will show you why it is not.


Do I Really Need To Have Time Management Training? Five Key Reasons Why

No matter the stage of your career, whether starting or advanced, we all need time management skills. This article gives you insights on the benefits of getting trained in time management and highlights 5 key areas. Some of the skills you will learn from a time management course include: using technology for time management, delegating of responsibilities and taking time for yourself.


Leadership and Time Management – Why Good Managers Need Good Time Skills Too

All managers should exhibit good time management skills. This piece delves into the importance of time management skills to managers and leaders. We all recognise and appreciate the importance of time skills for employees but like all strategies and policies in the organisation, effective time management has to start from the top. Managers with good time management skills will be able to improve and influence the overall time management effectiveness on all employees of the organisation.


What Can I Learn From A Time Management Course?

You might be undecided on whether to take a time management course or not. This article will help you understand what it is that you will gain from such a course. Taking a single course at one time does not equip you for life. With changing technologies and methodologies, there is always something new to learn from a time management course. In addition to learning new skills, you will be able to polish up on the ones you had learnt previously.


Top 5 Tips for Effective Time Management

Effective time management can be illusive to many of us. It takes both dedication and discipline for one to manage his/her time well. This piece presents five key tips that will help you manage your time better. Some of the tips include; keeping your work contained within work hours, how to deal with emails and setting priorities.


Back To Basics: 10 Tips On Time Management for Executives

Time, being one of the scarcest and important resources, has to be well managed if we want to live up to our full potential. This article takes the executive through the basics of effective time management to help you capture more time from your day. Time will never be enough, but we can make the most out of the little we have.


Top Tips For Best Managing Time At Work – Time Management Advice

No one sets out to purposely miss deadlines, become flustered, be disorganised and get stressed. But that is exactly what can, and does, occur when we don’t make the best use of the limited time we have each day. This article gives you top tips on how to manage your time at work. Some of these tips include; de-cluttering your mind by making lists, creating goals and continuously looking for improvements.


What Is Time Management and Why Is It Essential In The Workplace?

Time management is best defined as the ability to make the most of the time we have. Because time is limited, it is critical that all our time be used productively. In this post you will find reasons why time management is crucial in the work place and why we should learn the skills and implement them in our daily routines.


Tips For Better Time Management At Work

Effective time management is not restricted to creating daily plans and attempting to stick to them. Although this is an essential component of time management, it’s just one of the many cogs in a larger machinery. This post looks at other ways that will help you maximise use of your time and become more efficient overall.


Time Management Strategies: How good is your time management?

There’s hardly a single day that goes by that we didn’t wish we had just a few more hours added to our day. Learning how to manage our time gives us control over what we need to achieve. This post puts forth 10 questions that we all need to truthfully answer to know if our current time management strategies are working.


Time Is Precious: Essential Time Management Strategies

The key to success is effective utilisation of your time. It takes both time (no pun intended) and effort for you to become the master of your time. This article gives you insights on how to take control of your time so that you can get the most out of it. It identifies the most common areas of time wastage within a working day and gives you tips on how to reduce time wastage in these areas.


The Importance Of Effective Time Management

The importance of effective time management can’t be emphasised enough. It is only after time has been wasted that we then look back with regret. Without effective time management, you could easily waste your day; procrastinating, allowing interruptions to control your day and trying to do everything by yourself. This piece explains how effective time management can have a positive effect on your life.


At PEPworldwide the training and techniques we offer produce permanent results. Our programs promote positive behaviour, skills and techniques that will result in saved time for executives, managers, team leaders and employees alike.

Our training has the following benefits that cut across all productivity areas:

•    Reduces stress levels for both you and your employees.
•    Develops leaders and managers with positive strategic planning techniques.
•    Promotes teamwork.
•    Promotes efficiency in changing work environments.
•    Promotes the effective use of technology across the organisation.
•    It adds value to people’s lives.

Read about how PEP can help you with your time management: http://www.pepworldwide.com.au/our-services/improve-time-management

Thought for the day:  “Use the 80/20 rule for your work.  Are your working 80% of your time on the 20% that really matters?” Kathryn Anda.

Effective Time Management


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