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Work at your most efficient and productive best with PEPworldwide. 

At PEPworldwide we specialise in improving performance efficiency and productivity. By showing you how to work smarter, not harder, we will help you gain an average of an extra two hours per day. This will allow you to achieve more of the important things, faster and with less effort.


Individualised workplace productivity improvements

PEPworldwide has a solution to suit you, whether you are a student, self-employed business owner, or new to a business that has previously participated in PEPworldwide programs.  Even as an individual looking to improve your personal efficiency and productivity, PEPworldwide can help!

PEPworldwide’s extensive expertise in productivity training can be applied to individuals in terms of optimising personal organisation and planning, workflow management and effective workplace communication. The fundamental outcome of all PEPworldwide programs is to decrease the time it takes to complete tasks, allowing you to get the most out of your workday and ultimately achieve a better work-life balance.

We could all benefit from having more hours in our day, and PEPworldwide can help you find them. Our programs are tailored to fit your individual situation, designed to work in harmony with your unique working style. Our coaching provides you with practical strategies and tools to get you working better, in any industry or role. 

How our unique ‘coach approach’ works

Our vast experience has taught us that people are more likely to apply strategies learned when the teaching takes place at their individual workstations, rather than discussing theoretical abstracts in a classroom. We utilise this knowledge by coming to your workplace and applying the concepts to your role directly, incorporating the tools available in your actual workspace.  

Your coach will work alongside you to help you put your new skills into practice, regularly reviewing them over time to ensure that the strategies being implemented are achieving the best results possible for you. Good habits can be instilled by reinforcing new behaviours over time, allowing the positive changes you have made to be sustained long-term and preventing you from reverting to your old, less effective methods of working once the initial enthusiasm has worn off.

Real, measurable productivity improvements

Whatever you aim to achieve, PEPworldwide will help you to become more efficient and effective, every day. Some key benefits of our programs include:

  • Getting you working ‘smarter, not harder’, to achieve more in less time and with less effort
  • Becoming more organised
  • Prioritising to get more of the important tasks completed in the time available to you each day
  • Managing your workflow efficiently to feel a greater sense of control over your work
  • Making effective use of technology: using the tools available to establish systems to help you get your job done more easily
  • Minimising the distraction of emails and phone interruptions by processing them in the most efficient way, so that you can remain ‘on task’
  • Gaining an average of two extra hours per day to spend on key, high-priority activities
  • Reducing your work-related stress and experiencing the freedom that comes from a healthy work-life balance.

Find out how we can get you working at your productive best so you can achieve your goals and get the most out of every day.

A Case Study

Health workers are under increasing levels of stress, often as a result of under-funding, rapidly changing technology and increasingly demanding administrative tasks (often government mandated), leaving less time for “hands on” activities. In this demanding environment, PEP has demonstrated long-term, positive and sustainable behaviour change.

See the full Case Study


What our clients say

"I said to my staff and to Susan when asked, that the PEP training received was to me the finest and best training I had ever had. I think what makes it so good, is how relevant it is to my day to day business, and also, if I may say so, how basic it is! It gets right to the point, without confusing you with all sorts of unnecessary detail which is so often the case with training."

Gary Brown, Managing Director, Ray White Real Estate

"This program has transformed the way I work. My Customer Service has improved because I know exactly where all my documents are so any questions from customers I can answer quickly and professionally. It has also seen better relations within my team as I get back to their questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend the PEP program."

Jane Knipe, Senior Consultant, The University of Adelaide

"PEP is one of the best programs I have ever attended. The greatest benefit for me is that I'm not running around like a chicken. I have more time to focus on what's important to bring money into the business. I have more time for priorities."

Rebel Bailey, Marketing Coordinator, Skills Farm

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