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Get the best out of the people in your business with PEPworldwide’s productivity solutions. 

At PEPworldwide, we help organisations of all sizes to streamline the way their people work, improving business effectiveness and increasing organisational efficiency. In no time, your people will be getting more of the important things done, in less time than ever before.


We know business – and can help yours

PEPworldwide is the global leader in performance efficiency and productivity. Our expert consultants are experienced with organisations of every shape and size, and can help you to transform your workforce to maximise efficiency and productivity.

We understand that each business is unique, which is why we work closely with you to first form a clear understanding of your specific needs and ‘pressure points’, before going on to create a customised program, implementing our tools and resources to deal with your personnel challenges and meet your business objectives. Along with our extensive ‘know-how’, our Diagnostic Tool is used to identify key areas for improvement in your current business processes, so that your systems and people will be working more efficiently and achieving better results in no time.

The PEPworldwide difference

We are constantly bombarded with articles, webinars and consultants claiming to have the next big thing that will revolutionise the way we do business, so how has PEPworldwide managed to establish a leading position in this market?

Our business involvement in over 35 countries has given us an extensive understanding of global best practice. However, the key to our success is our unique approach, which combines group sessions with one-on-one coaching at the actual workstation of each participant. By applying the skills directly, and tailoring strategies to individual working styles, we instill behavioural changes that your staff are able to sustain long-term.

At PEPworldwide, we incorporate knowledge of all aspects of business productivity, with our programs being the only ones to combine all three areas of workplace efficiency: effective personal and workflow organisation, effective planning and effective workplace interaction.

Improved business effectiveness

Our approaches are simple and highly practical, providing tools that can be immediately applied to make a difference in your workplace. Furthermore, the customised solutions adopted by each client are reviewed and refined over a period of time, to ensure that learnings are put into practice before moving on. This phased approach also encourages the new, positive work habits to become truly established, resulting in lasting behavioural changes.

All of our coaches are accredited and rigorously trained, with ongoing observation to ensure that performance standards are maintained. Our coaches also receive ongoing feedback from program participants, which enables us to continue to uphold the highest possible standards of performance.

PEPworldwide means the best in organisational productivity and staff development

PEPworldwide solutions mean business - and we have helped organisations from all over the world empower their employees to:

  • Gain an average of two hours per day to spend on high-priority activities
  • Utilise the time available each day to achieve more of the important tasks, with improved efficiency
  • Spend more time coaching and supporting their team
  • Be more organised and prioritise more effectively to improve their workflow management
  • Process distractions more effectively to remain ‘on task’
  • Use technology more efficiently to perform their roles
  • Achieve a greater work-life balance with less stress.


An ROI example:

Recently, we helped the staff of a large organisation to become:

  • 48% more efficient when looking for papers and files
  • 43% more efficient when reading mail and email
  • 40% more efficient in planning work
  • 36% more efficient when working on projects and key responsibilities.

These productivity improvements have contributed significantly to this organisation’s bottom line, as employees are able to dedicate more time and energy to the tasks that are important in moving the business forward. 

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Find out why we are the chosen productivity solutions provider for over 50% of Fortune 500 companies. We look forward to discussing your unique business needs and helping you to get your people working better.

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

Health workers are under increasing levels of stress, often as a result of under-funding, rapidly changing technology and increasingly demanding administrative tasks (often government mandated), leaving less time for “hands on” activities. In this demanding environment, PEP has demonstrated long-term, positive and sustainable behaviour change.

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What our clients say

"PEP is very practical as it teaches work habits which, without PEP, can take a lifetime to learn, and results can be seen instantly."

Country Manager, Cathay Pacific

"PEP teaches good, practical management skills. We saw results from the first day."

Managing Consultant, The Shell Company of Australia Limited

"It has definitely resulted in time saving for me – it is difficult to say how much with any accuracy, but at least ten hours per week. All in all, PEP is an excellent program which I recommend to anybody wishing to improve their work style and efficiency."

Head of Corporate Affairs, Westpac Banking Corp

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