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Gain up to two extra hours a day with PEPworldwide’s individual business coaching and mentoring.

PEPworldwide is a global leader in business coaching and mentoring. Our one-on-one personalised coaching will have you performing at your best.


Not enough hours in your day?

PEPworldwide’s coaching is based on the delivery of our widely acclaimed Personal Efficiency Program (PEP), a set of practical principles which streamline work methods and maximise efficiency. Providing one-on-one, leadership or management coaching, we cover all areas of work process which have an impact on productivity, including time management, changing work environments, managing stress, maintaining a work-life balance, prioritising and strategic planning and using technology effectively.

The PEP program features a unique approach: coaching takes place at participants’ own workstations and is therefore tailored to clients’ specific requirements. The program’s format also sets it apart: we know that repetition is important in forming new habits, so the course is delivered as modules which cover specific aspects of work process improvement on separate days of learning over several weeks. This encourages optimal learning and retention, ensuring that behavioural changes are sustained and that increased efficiency is long-term. The ongoing assessment provided by PEPworldwide confirms that these positive changes are permanent.

With PEPworldwide’s individual business coaching and mentoring you will:

  • Become more organised and efficient in the way you work
  • Experience less stress and regain control of your workload
  • More effectively manage interruptions from emails, calls and meetings
  • Use technology in the best way to achieve your work goals
  • Complete more of your important tasks in the time you have available
  • Have more time for strategic thinking and planning
  • Achieve a better work-life balance
  • Gain an extra two hours, per day, to spend on high-return activities.
Business mentoring with real ROI

The return on your investment after completing individual PEP coaching will be evident immediately. The final part of our process is to analyse the outcomes for participants after training: it’s one of our most significant points of difference. We begin our process with the PEP Diagnostic Tool, a simple online efficiency survey, which provides in-depth information about an individual’s efficiency and productivity. Once our training is complete, participants undertake the same survey to compare the results. Our practical, hands-on approach has proved remarkably successful time and again. Our clients, who range from large multinationals and government departments right down to smaller organisations and individuals in a huge variety of industries, consistently report productivity gains of an average of two hours per day for each person. Their testimonials and case studies confirm the overwhelmingly positive impact these gains have made on their organisations.

Click here for some quick, practical advice on how to make immediate productivity improvements leading to business improvement. And then let us customise a program to have you performing at your best. Because at PEPworldwide, we don’t just see your potential. We help you achieve it.

Boost your productivity and get the best out of your workday.

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

Australia’s increasing overseas involvement in various theatres of activity around the world is putting pressure on people within the department.

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What our clients say

"I found the PEP program very useful and one of the better training programs that I have attended. PEP is a practical program that gives results very quickly. I am now investing the time I have saved through PEP in concentrating on team building by planning work loads and priorities over the next 6 - 12 months."

Michael Miller, General Manager, Perpetual

"One of the real benefits of PEP is team building. I am impressed with the way it gives people a common way of tackling work. The greatest benefit from PEP for me personally has been a real increase in self-confidence. This has enabled me to get on top of things at all times. I am pleased to report that the effects are immediate."

Glen Petersen, Director of Organisation Development, Lion Nathan Limited

"The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) offered me a way out of the mess I was getting into. I've been to time management courses before but PEP's "at your desk" follow up was the clincher. It is by far the best program I've been involved with because it was simple, direct and immediately showed results."

Sharon Sherry, Executive Assistant, AMP

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