PEPworldwide will increase your business productivity and efficiency, changing forever the way people work.

If you’re aiming to improve your organisation’s productivity, you’ve come to the right place. Our training programs always result in positive returns that are evident in your bottom line. PEPworldwide is the global leader in workplace efficiency and productivity.  We provide the strategies, skills, tools and information to get your workplace functioning at its best.


Business Productivity improvements are our business

PEPworldwide’s mantra is to create sustainable behavioural changes, resulting in increased business productivity. We help you get the most important things done, in less time and with less effort.

PEPworldwide’s productivity training incorporates consultancy with expert coaches, using diagnostic business efficiency surveys to help businesses, individuals and government departments to become more efficient and productive.

Current economic conditions mean that employees are often expected to achieve more in the hours available, sometimes with fewer resources, while contending with increasing electronic distractions. The result, as illustrated in countless research findings, is that we are coping with higher stress levels than ever before, and our work-life balance suffers as we struggle to stay on top of things.

Productivity enhancements can be achieved by improving workplace organisation and workflow techniques. Participants in our programs generally save up to two hours a day through implementing our proven methodology and making simple yet effective behavioural changes. Imagine what you could do with another ten hours over the course of the working week.

A tip to get your company more productive immediately: Prioritising your workload

PEPworldwide’s organisational productivity improvements focus on:

  • Becoming more organised and efficient, both in the workplace and on the move
  • Storing information in a way that is easily accessible
  • Using methods to deal more effectively with the inevitable interruptions of calls, meetings, text messages and emails
  • Making effective use of email, task list and calendar software
  • The principles of prioritising, priority management and the concept of "Big Rocks"
  • Greater employee engagement and staff retention
  • Reducing employee work stress and improving work-life balance.
  • Developing more effective meetings
  • Improved information management and streamlining staff access to information
  • Reducing interruptions and distractions through flexible work environments
  • Reducing fire fighting and improving crisis management

The cornerstone of PEPworldwide’s productivity solutions is the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP), which improves staff productivity at all levels within the business. PEP enables employees to spend more time on strategic thinking and to remain in control by improving their working styles and decreasing the time it takes to complete tasks.  To read more about the Personal Efficiency Program, click here.

leanPEP is another solution with a focus on improving productivity. Promoting ‘Lean thinking’, leanPEP helps organisations to implement behavioural changes in a way that allows them to be sustained long-term, hence maximising the benefits gained from the program. Read more about leanPEP by clicking here.

Whether your workplace is a fixed location or constantly on the move, PEPworldwide can provide you with powerful strategies and tools that can be practically applied to your unique working environment, enabling you to be more productive. PEPworldwide understands that workplaces today often demand flexibility, and can help you to perform at your best, working as efficiently as possible.

Constraints are always present in terms of time, resources and cost when you want to analyse the best strategy for your organisation. If you’re not sure where to start, or what your most vital needs are in order to optimise performance, don’t worry – we can help you prioritise and find the perfect fit for your circumstances. PEPworldwide has developed a Productivity Diagnostic Tool to remove the guesswork. Forming a detailed snapshot allows us to pinpoint key challenges, making it easy to see what is required to maximise productivity. Read more about the Productivity Diagnostic Tool by clicking here.

Tailored business efficiency programs

One major benefit of using PEPworldwide is that we will tailor a productivity solution to fit your organisation, ensuring that it aligns with your strategic direction and assists all employees within your business to reach their full productivity potential. These productivity improvements are tangible and evident in the bottom line. They are also monitored over time to ensure that employees remain on track; the phased nature of delivery and one-on-one coaching used in our programs result in productivity gains that are permanent.


Hear what some of our clients had to say about our programs

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We can help you improve the productivity in your organisation and get your employees functioning at their most efficient and effective best.  

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Our client is in a highly competitive and price-sensitive sector. They identified a range of opportunities to improve their performance.

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What our clients say

"I said to my staff and to Susan when asked, that the PEP training received was to me the finest and best training I had ever had. I think what makes it so good, is how relevant it is to my day to day business, and also, if I may say so, how basic it is! It gets right to the point, without confusing you with all sorts of unnecessary detail which is so often the case with training."

Gary Brown, Managing Director, Ray White Real Estate

"The 14 participants from the first and second group have noticed an increase in efficiency as well as a feeling of being in control of the paper. This is particularly highlighted in our travel area where the volume of paper is extremely high."

Heather Clarke, Manager Human Resources and Training, RCI Australia

"PEP has allowed me to reduce my hours while getting more done. The major benefit for me has been in being more organised. By being 'PEPed', I am working faster and more efficiently."

Ian Henderson, Director, Skills Farm

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