ePEP helps you to use technology in the most efficient way possible, increasing productivity. 

Implement the world’s best practice initiatives in email workflow and task management, while processing electronic information more efficiently. With ePEP you will reduce stress levels and gain control over your inbox, task list and calendar.


PEP in the electronic environment

In some industries, a business can process up to 160 emails a day! Email dominates as the preferred form of communication, and office staff are under increasing pressure to manage their electronic work environments. ePEP can help. 

Emails can feel like an endless interruption, especially when most of us have never been taught effective methods to process them. ePEP coaches participants on how to effectively handle increasing volumes of incoming emails and other digital information feeds.

Technology should make it easier to achieve the productivity and efficiency results we seek, not stand in our way. ePEP can show you a more productive way of using a range of email and calendar systems. ePEP participants learn how to efficiently manage tasks and optimise the use of their electronic calendar software.

Learn how you can achieve greater productivity through using your iPad more effectively.

With ePEP you will:

  • Maintain control over your emails to save time and reduce stress
  • Practise the world’s best methods of email workflow management and productivity
  • Take the ‘next logical step’ in processing emails more efficiently
  • Learn shortcuts, tips and tricks that enable you to do your job faster and more effectively
  • Reduce double handling of electronic information and streamline the storage of information to allow for easy retrieval
  • Implement a bookmarking system to have your most frequently used sites and documents on hand when you need them
  • Use your electronic calendar to manage your workload more effectively.

How ePEP allows you to take control

ePEP is a one-day component of our core Personal Efficiency Program. It combines workshop sessions with one-on-one coaching at participants’ workstations, incorporating information, tools and strategies that are easy for your employees to apply. Ideal if your organisation is upgrading or changing its email software, ePEP provides measurable productivity improvements by helping people maximise the features of these tools.

PEPworldwide’s unique hands-on approach means that the skills learned are applied directly to each participant’s own job context. With the majority of the program’s coaching conducted at individuals’ workstations, the new productive behaviours are learned immediately and sustained long-term.

Don’t be a slave any longer

Rather than playing slave to your inbox, email should be used as a tool for increased job performance. ePEP can improve your work day productivity.

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

Our client, a major Australasian packaging company, identified a significant skills shortfall in the area of leadership.

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What our clients say

"There is no doubt that we have gained productivity and extra time."

Ken Lewis, General Manager Safety and Environment, Qantas

"PEP is an extremely practical program; the one-on-one coaching is extremely valuable. PEP is great as it gives you time to implement; it also gives you time to fall back into the old "bad" ways and then reminds you of how you really should be working."

Craig Buller, Business Transformation Consultant, National Wealth Management

"As a result of the one-on-one with my PEP Coach, I noticed immediate results - I was able to start changing my work habits from the very first session and the time-spacing of the program over a period of weeks allowed time for me to develop/change my work habits."

Cherry Ward, National Training Manager, The Travel Corporation

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