Free up time to focus on what matters: strategic planning and ‘the big picture’.

execPEP increases the productivity of senior executives and their assistants by 20-30%, providing up to two extra hours per day for executives to work on, not in, their business.


Establishing working relationships that actually work.

At PEPworldwide, we recognise that unrelenting everyday demands frequently prevent executives from performing the most important aspect of their role: growing their business. We’ve created execPEP to help. Complementing our widely acclaimed Personal Efficiency Program (PEP), execPEP is a specialised, coaching-based program which covers the specific productivity issues confronting today’s executives, including:

  • How to free up time to focus on strategy, not just operations
  • Examining workflow and creating more time for high-return activities
  • The executive/assistant relationship and encouraging maximum efficiency when working with direct reports
  • Using technology to work smarter, not harder
  • Prioritising, delegating and effective staff management
  • Working styles and managing workflows and workloads.

More than an Executive Coach

Our program features a unique approach: execPEP coaching takes place at participants’ own workstations and is tailored to clients’ specific requirements, ensuring that the distinctive working relationship between executive and assistant is performing as efficiently as possible. The program’s format also sets it apart: we know that repetition is important in forming new habits, so the course is taught as a series of sessions which cover specific aspects of work process improvement on separate days of learning over several weeks. This encourages optimal learning and retention, ensuring that behavioural changes are sustained and that increased efficiency is long-term. The ongoing assessment that PEPworldwide provides confirms that these positive changes are permanent.

An execPEP program is ideal in the following situations:

  • As part of an induction program, ensuring that a new assistant and executive work efficiently and productively from the outset
  • As a way to improve an existing working relationship while reinforcing good habits
  • As a way of redefining mutual expectations when an executive and assistant relationship is not functioning well, so that participants can get back on track.

The return on your investment after undertaking an execPEP program will be evident immediately. The final part of our process is to analyse the outcomes for every organisation after training: it’s one of our most significant points of difference. Our practical, hands-on approach has proved remarkably successful time and again. Our clients, who range from large multinationals and government departments to smaller organisations in a huge variety of industries, consistently report productivity gains of an average of two hours per day for each person. Their testimonials and case studies confirm the overwhelmingly positive impact these gains have made on their organisations. It’s not surprising, then, that PEPworldwide is the preferred provider of productivity solutions for over 50% of Fortune 500 companies.

Click here for some advice on how to make immediate improvements in productivity. And then let us make sure that your most critical working relationship is functioning at its best. Because you’ve got more important things to worry about.


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Ensure your most important people are functioning at their most efficient and productive, with support relationships that work.

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A Case Study

Our client, a major Australasian packaging company, identified a significant skills shortfall in the area of leadership.

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What our clients say

"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Mike Starr, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Bank

"I thought the PEP program was sensational! I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

Giles Gunesekera, State Manager - Retail Sales, Merrill Lynch

"I saw the benefits taking shape from Day 2. The team are now focusing on key tasks and have much better time management. The improvements to our productivity are significant. If anyone asked me I'd say 'You can't afford not to make the time to do it!'."

Paul Allen, General Manager - Marketing, Tabcorp

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