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Effective Time Management Skills that Maximise Your Staff Productivity

Leveraging the power of the Personal Efficiency Program, PEPworldwide can save your people more than two hours per day.

PEP principles and training programs change forever the way you work – in every aspect of your business.


Powerful strategies delivered through PEP training.

The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) contains a time management course that promotes positive behaviours, skills and techniques that improveefficiency for employees, team leaders, managers and executives. 

We deliver training that has positive impact across all areas of productivity.

  • Reduce staff (and you’re own!) stress levels
  • Develop your leaders and managers with positive strategic planning strategies
  • Use business technology effectively across your organisation and on an individual level
  • Promote effective and productive team collaboration
  • Ensure maximum efficiency in changing work environments
  • Add real value to the daily lives of your people

PEPworldwide’s time management training shows you and your people how to manage all work processes more effectively.

PEP is so much more than just a series of time management courses – These are training  and techniques that produce permanent results!

The program’s approach is unique, practical and works.

We train clients at their actual workplace, with group sessions followed by one-on-one coaching. Our coaches will therefore customise strategies to individual roles and working styles as well as providing regular follow-ups to ensure that improvements are maintained and solidified.

PEP’s format also sets it apart from traditional, non-sustainable alternatives

We know that repetition is essential in forming new habits, so the course is delivered as modules which cover specific aspects of work process improvement on separate days of learning over several weeks. This encourages optimal learning and retention, ensuring that behavioural changes are sustained and that increased efficiency is long-term. Clients report immediate benefits – but the results will last a lifetime.

We work with all businesses, big or small

Time management skills training that scales

PEP coaches deliver one-on-one training improving every aspect of their work process as well as to organisations of every size and in every industry. Our one-on-one coaching method remains the same regardless: expert coaches not only provide you with proven strategies for time management, but also work with you to demonstrate how to apply these strategies consistently to achieve sustainable results.

Looking for an individual solution?

Our executive efficiency and productivity coaching provides an even more specialised alternative training for employees in senior positions.

Measuring Effective Time Management – Evidence of real positive outcomes

Where traditional courses are a once-off solution, we analyse the actual outcomes for every organisation.  Our PEP Diagnostic Tool is used in our training to:

  • Provide a baseline assessment of your organisation’s overall efficiency and productivity
  • Draw a direct comparison on the effect of the training for participants and the organisation as a whole

Productivity gains from PEP Time Management programs

Real and practical solutions to your specific needs

Our practical, hands-on approach is always positively received by large multi-nationals, government departments and small business alike, generating results that positively impact every member of your organisation.  Read more about the positive experience our clients (link to testimonials) continue to enjoy today.

We derive deep satisfaction from generating long-term improvements in all aspects of work performance. We look at the big picture and work with you closely to adapt to your needs.  

Use us as a sounding board to find real and practical solutions that apply to you!  If you’re ready to make outstanding productivity gains for your entire organisation, why not contact us today? 

For some quick, easy and practical advice on time management that will get you started immediately, visit our blog.

Hear what some of our clients had to say about our programs

Find the spare two hours of valuable, focused and productive time that you’ve been missing.

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

Health workers are under increasing levels of stress, often as a result of under-funding, rapidly changing technology and increasingly demanding administrative tasks (often government mandated), leaving less time for “hands on” activities. In this demanding environment, PEP has demonstrated long-term, positive and sustainable behaviour change.

See the full Case Study



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