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By implementing PEP’s workplace organisation and workflow techniques, credit managers and their teams will typically save themselves up to two hours a day.


PEP and cashflow

Credit managers and their teams can use freed-up time to both make more follow up calls and also to invest in improving collection systems, information and processes.

Teams can also use strategies developed during PEP to identify ways to minimise their reactive time within their particular roles and their team in general. Managers and whole teams can use specific PEP tools, such as project planning and weekly reviews, to maintain a focus on high priority customers.

As PEP changes forever the way people work, these productivity gains are permanent.

As for PEP fees: Our clients tell us their return on investment is realised after less than one month. Our participants tell us the payback is immediate!

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A case study

Our client was the telephone sales division of a large Australasian corporation. The division consisted of 50 internal sales people responsible for selling advertisements in a directory publication.

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