With movePEP, you can have staff set up and working within 45 minutes of arriving at your new premises.

Minimise the inevitable disruption and downtime involved in your office move, eliminating unnecessary worry and excess packing and unpacking. MovePEP makes the whole transition easier and will help you eliminate over 80% of paper prior to a move.


New office, new habits

Entering a new office environment provides a great chance to build new, positive habits around the way that people work.  However, be aware that the real work towards these productivity improvements should be underway well before you even leave the old space!

movePEP involves a double-pronged approach with two clear goals: to prepare an organisation for a move while ensuring staff remain focused and productive, and instilling new behaviours for working in the new environment.

Stage one occurs before the move takes place, and involves planning, preparation and purging for a fresh start and a smooth changeover. This stage covers what to keep and what to throw away, and how things are best stored for easy retrieval, including the identification of documents that would be more effectively kept as a scanned file. The allocation of responsibilities for the move day is important, and behaviours are taught to support the transition towards a paperless environment, with the added benefit of simplifying logistics for the move itself. The key outcome is to minimise staff downtime around the move. 

Stage two occurs in the new space following the move, and consists of both workshop sessions and one-on-one coaching, designed to get everyone back to working at their efficient and productive best as soon after the move as possible. These sessions not only focus on sustained behavioural changes for greater personal efficiency, but also on getting teams functioning as efficiently as possible in their new environment.

The savings from a paperless office (it’s not just about the trees!)

In keeping with PEPworldwide’s commitment to creating a paperless office for greater efficiency, movePEP will help you to eliminate over 80% of your paper documents prior to the move. This decreases the number of boxes for the removal company to manage, providing immediate cost benefits. Once documents are filed electronically for easy retrieval, employees can save up to two hours per week by cutting down on the time spent searching for them.

Other benefits of movePEP

  • Conduct your office relocation quickly and efficiently
  • Move towards a more effective, paperless environment
  • Optimise the storage of information to allow for efficient retrieval
  • Maintain employee productivity surrounding the move
  • Ensure that employees remain motivated and happy, both during the transition and beyond
  • Establish positive and productive behaviours for the new workplace.

Get the best from your move

Apart from the obvious physical changes in work environment resulting from an office move, there are other implications which also have a large effect on company culture. Take steps to ensure that positive changes are initiated and sustained to promote productive, efficient behaviour for the long-term.

movePEP can lighten the load of your office relocation.

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

This case study documents the combined results of six separate relocations for a global professional services firm.

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What our clients say

"I thought Kathryn was sensational! She showed a high level of professional ability combined with her knowledge of practical common-sense principles, which helped me take on her suggested ideas with ease, confidence and enthusiasm. I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

National Sales Manager

"This program has transformed the way I work. My Customer Service has improved because I know exactly where all my documents are so any questions from customers I can answer quickly and professionally. It has also seen better relations within my team as I get back to their questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend the PEP program."

Jane Knipe, Senior Consultant, The University of Adelaide

"The greatest personal benefit from PEP has been the feeling of being more in control of my working life. This not only helps me achieve more but also has a direct bearing on how I am perceived by customers - both internal and external."

Glen Vallis, Finance Manager, Pepsi Cola Bottlers Australia

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