Achieve sustainable personal productivity improvements of up to 30% with the Personal Efficiency Program.

PEPworldwide’s Personal Efficiency Program demonstrates simple, practical solutions for work process improvement, increasing productivity and employee engagement and decreasing stress.


PEP: an investment in productivity growth

The Personal Efficiency Program, or PEP, is PEPworldwide’s acclaimed productivity solution. Its foundation is a set of practical principles which streamline work methods and maximise efficiency, covering all areas of work process which affect productivity, including time management, changing work environments, managing stress, maintaining a work-life balance, prioritising and strategic planning, using technology effectively and working efficiently within a team.

The PEP program features a unique approach: we provide group sessions followed by one-on-one coaching at participants’ own workstations. Coaching and group workshops are therefore tailored to clients’ specific requirements. The program’s format also sets it apart: we know that repetition is important in forming new habits, so the course is delivered as modules which cover specific aspects of work process improvement on separate days of learning over several weeks. This encourages optimal learning and retention, ensuring that behavioural changes are sustained and that increased efficiency is long-term.

PEP caters for both individuals, offering one-on-one Coaching & Mentoring for those who need to improve any aspect of their work process, and for organisations of every size and in every industry. We work at every level of an organisation: our Executive Efficiency & Productivity Coaching provides even more specialised training for employees in senior positions.

PEP participants learn how to:

  • Work with streamlined processes for maximum efficiency
  • Manage priorities and complete more of their important tasks
  • Have time for strategic thinking and planning
  • Work effectively with other team members
  • Effectively manage interruptions from emails, calls and meetings
  • Use technology in the best way to achieve their work goals
  • Foster positive, productive work habits that work for them and are sustainable
  • Gain an extra two hours of time, every day, to use for high priority activities
  • Achieve measurable returns through productivity gains.
  • Develop techniques to reduce reactiveness and improve crisis management
  • Improve proactivity

The return on your investment after completing a PEP program will be evident immediately. The final part of our process is to analyse the outcomes for every organisation after training: it’s one of our most significant points of difference. We begin our process with the PEP Diagnostic Tool, a simple online efficiency survey, which provides in-depth information about an organisation’s efficiency and productivity. Once our training is complete, participants undertake the same survey to compare the results. Our practical, hands-on approach has proved remarkably successful time and again. Our clients, who range from large multinationals and government departments to smaller organisations in a huge variety of industries, consistently report productivity gains of an average of two hours per day for each person. Their testimonials and case studies confirm the overwhelmingly positive impact these gains have made on their organisations.

We can customise a program to meet your organisation’s exact requirements. In the meantime, click here for some quick, practical advice on how to make immediate productivity improvements. Because we know what we’re talking about.

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We can tailor a program to best meet your organisational needs.  

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A case study

Over 5 years ago a large government department was about to embark on reducing its workforce from 1,300 to 650 staff. Importantly, this was to be achieved without reducing the amount of work that the department needed to carry out.

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What our clients say

"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Mike Starr, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Bank

"Compared with other programs PEP is far superior. It helps you apply the skills you learn in the workplace: more importantly, in YOUR OWN workplace."

Helen Cook, HR Adviser, Tasman

"The benefits took shape immediately in terms of email and diary control. By having a clear desk with no visual clutter and distractions I feel more relaxed in the work environment. I'm helping Westpac achieve our corporate strategy because I'm focused on the big things with less time wasted on unimportant tasks."

Bernadette Connolly, Senior Manager, Westpac

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