PEPworldwide’s Productivity Diagnostic Tool provides vital information to power your business decision-making.  

With PEPworldwide’s Productivity Diagnostic Tool, we evaluate all areas of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness within your organisation. This powerful productivity survey provides decision-makers with the relevant data to drive business process improvement. 


Business diagnostics: measuring business productivity & highlighting key areas for improvement

What if you could pinpoint the key areas of concern in your business? This knowledge would enable you to identify opportunities for improvement and maximise employee productivity.

You can use PEPworldwide’s powerful online efficiency survey to remove the guesswork, gaining an in-depth insight into the factors affecting your organisation’s efficiency, effectiveness, resilience and productivity. Results are analysed on various levels using several filters, and can then be benchmarked globally against variables including industry, role and geographic location.

The Productivity Diagnostic Tool defines a clear snapshot of your business from the point of view of your employees. Managers gain a deeper understanding of their organisation’s overall efficiency, and are able to gauge the productivity of its people and culture.

The Productivity Diagnostic Tool is real business diagnostics and analyses:

  • How staff time is being spent
  • The percentage of staff time that is focused on high-performance activities
  • The time spent by staff each day to search for electronic information
  • The levels of organisation among employees
  • The effectiveness of current staff meetings in achieving their objectives and highlighting key issues
  • The stress levels of employees
  • The major causes of interruptions and how these have an impact on workflow
  • How much time is wasted unnecessarily each day
  • The effectiveness of your management staff in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Measuring productivity to empower your organisation to see real results

With a better awareness of your business's efficiency gaps that exist within your organisation, you will be able to work towards attaining tangible productivity improvements amongst your employees. A clear picture of the current situation makes it easier to form and implement a plan to achieve positive changes to the bottom line. Furthermore, global benchmarks enable you not only to see how you stack up, but also to measure the performance of new initiatives going forward.

After identifying key areas to focus on in order to raise business productivity and optimise efficiency, PEPworldwide’s range of programs are designed to empower your staff with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to improve their capacity to meet organisational goals. PEPworldwide’s programs combine group workshop sessions with one-on-one coaching at employees’ workstations, achieving outstanding and lasting results.

Unlock your decision-making power

Gathering all the facts first is the most efficient use of your efforts. Find out how our Productivity Diagnostic Tool can provide a comprehensive view of your organisation’s current effectiveness, then drive business process improvement in the right areas.

Find out why PEP is the best choice

A case study

Our client, in completing a competency assessment, had identified a large gap in their planning, organising and managing work. They also wanted their recent IT systems upgrade to be further enhanced and embedded with sound work habits and workflow.

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What our clients say

"I liked the hands on approach during the PEP Sessions. We got to apply the learnings immediately while it was still fresh in our minds. Gaining feedback from our PEP Coach was really good, very personalised. I enjoyed this training more than any other training programs I have done in the past. I would recommend this to all employees within Canon."

Karina Alibudbud, Dealer Sales Co-ordinator, Canon

"I found the program to be very practical and spacing the program over several weeks gave me time to work with the newly learned skills. The one-on-one coaching was important and I found it very easy to talk to 'PEP Coach' about my issues. It is the best course I have done."

Belinda Johnston, Distribution Administration Clerk, Nestle Australia

"PEP has addressed several problems: for example, communications are now received and acted on without follow up. In addition, productivity, communication, respect for others has improved morale. "

David Figgins, Country Manager - New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Cathay Pacific

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