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The focus of PEPworldwide is "Changing forever the way people work".

To help you to manage today's rapidly changing working environment, we have assembled a series of articles on "Best Practice". They come from publications, our clients and our own PEP consultants. We encourage you to download any that interest you and also to suggest to your colleagues that they visit the site for themselves.

Too much information (information overload):

Enough already: Information overload

Source: James Adonis, Sydney Morning Herald Published: October 2010

A never-ending avalanche of information is causing headaches across the country.

Missing Deadlines

Source: PEPworldwide Pty Ltd 2011 Published: September 2011

In our experience, one of the major reasons people miss deadlines is because they have a great capacity to over promise, and under deliver. You say “yes” to a piece of work without really understanding how much time and effort it involves, and without understanding how much work you currently have on your plate.

Hooked on Gadgets

Source: New York Times Published: June 2010

When one of the most important e-mail messages of his life landed in his in-box a few years ago, Kord Campbell overlooked it.

We're drowning in email

Source: Ira Chaleff, Institute for Business Technology, USA Published: Unknown

People everywhere are straining under the weight of junk mail they get at work and home, and before they can get a handle on that, they're also being buried by electrons organised into electronic-mad messages and groupware databases.

Information Overload

Source: Management Today (Australia) Published: July 2008

Screaming down the digital superhighway, the modern workforce shows signs of being overwhelmed by its trust with technology. Cameron Cooper investigates the problem and how organisations are responding.

Stress in the workplace

Organisational Change and Restructuring

Source: PEPworldwide Pty Ltd Published: September 2011

When large changes (such as a significant restructure) occur, many managers do a good job of focusing on the general human and organisational factors which comprise the “big picture”. Yet, if equal attention is not paid to the “small picture” (such as how the staff members will respond to the change) the seeds of a nightmare will be sown, while the fruits of opportunity are wasted.

Work overload putting top talent at risk!

Source: Denis Healy Published: October 2010

Many Talent Retention programs are being put at risk because information overload is creating “information rage” and workers are "too busy to see a doctor".

Managing your workload

Become More Efficient and Effective

Source: PEPworldwide Pty Ltd Published: January 2012

Dealing with information overload, and how to assess, store and retrieve information, is a problem that confronts just about anyone in management. To deal with the amount of information that is being thrown at managers, particularly through email, requires the adoption of a number of principles.

Process Improvement for Knowledge Workers

Source: Ira Chaleff Published: October 2011

Identifying and developing key behaviours and systems enables today's knowledge workers to maximise their efforts both on an individual and organisational level.

Time is Precious

Source: PEPworldwide Published: September 2011

Making the most of precious time is the key to success. Our focus at PEPworldwide is changing forever the way people work. It takes time, effort and discipline to be the master of your own time but we have a few tips that can help you start on the right track.

Eight ways to manage yourself

Source: Kerry Gleeson Published: March 2010

Like all professionals, human resource departments are struggling to cope with today’s massive workload. You are being asked to provide more with less (staff, budget, potential market, etc). How can you and your team accomplish the seemingly impossible? The answer: by learning Information Age survival skills to manage your workload. By processing your workload more efficiently, you create more time to service your company staff.

Top 14 TimeManagement Resolutions for 2013

Source: Bary Sherman Published: January 2010

It’s that time to resolve to start to work smarter, not harder, to get more of the right things done in less time, and to do all this with less stress.

Working IT

Source: Unlimited Magazine Published: February 2009

Simon Ton is CEO of Paymark, which processes 75% of our electronic transactions. Think of him next time you pull out your card - or your cash. As Tong tells Chris Keall, his execs get fined $10 for tardiness.

Eight ways to improve your productivity

Source: Tony D'Arcy Published: unknown

A dilemma that many executives face is how to develop their staff when they barely have time to do their real work, let alone any extra?

Cleaning up your computer

Source: PEPWorldwide Published: unknown

The first step towards managing computer files better is to actually make sure that paper systems are organised.

Handling the reading pile

Source: PEPworldwide Published: unknown

Once they have completed PEP most people are pretty good at handling their “must do” reading. However, their ongoing challenge is all the other reading (the “like to” reading) that slowly turns into that daunting pile on the bookshelf.

Productivity study

White Collar Productivity Index (WPI) Press Release

Source: Bary Sherman, PEP Productivity Solutions Published: August 2009

San Diego, May 1, 2008 – According to the results from the 2008 White Collar Productivity Index (WPI), the only study of its kind providing long-term data on how people actually spend their time at work, there is a reduction in the time people are spending on low productivity tasks during 2007 as compared to both 2006 and 2005.

Client case studies

Welcome Home Nestle - Parnell Darling NZ

Source: PEPWorldwide Published: March 09

PEPworldwide NZ successfully assisted Nestle with their move from Newmarket to Parnell.

Managing meetings

Outlook Calendar – Do’s and Don’ts

Source: PEPworldwide Published: unknown

Have you ever heard someone say, “We are meeting at 3:30 today? I never saw the meeting request!"? Whether you schedule or attend a meeting, you can help it run smoothly and on time with the following meeting request do’s and don’ts.

Remote working/mobile worker

'PEPed' iPad/Tablet Checklist

Source: PEPworldwide Published: unknown

Tablets and iPads are revolutionising the way we work. However, there is also potential for these devices to have a negative impact on our efficiency and effectiveness.

Working Effectively From Wherever You Are

Source: Bary & Lynn Sherman, PEP Productivity Solutions Published: 2008

Getting more of the right work done in less time. Bary Sherman and Lynn Sherman, PEP Productivity Solutions USA

Work-life balance

Personal Efficiency the Key to Work-Life Balance

Source: Tony D'Arcy Published: September 2011

Work-Life Balance is a key issue in many organisations today. A quick scan of the People Plans for many organisations will show that they include terms like - "becoming 'family friendly'", "providing a happy, healthy lifestyle" and "ensuring work demands are realistic". But many of the managers that we talk to say that these objectives are much easier said than done.

Using support staff effectively

Using support staff effectively

Source: Ann-Maree Moodie Published: June 2008

Imagine if all the executive and personal assistants in your workplace suddenly stopped work and walked out of the building and no one knew when - or whether - they were coming back.


Creating Global Talent

Source: HR Management Magazine Published: March 2012

As businesses expand, they need their employees to work beyond borders. Developing leaders with a global mindset is critical for an organisation's long-term success.

Excuse me, I'm trying to work

Source: Tim Dowling, The Guardian Published: August 2006

The average worker spends two hours a day fielding phone calls, emails and annoying colleagues.

Lominger Competencies Development Through PEP

Source: PEPWorldwide Published: unknown

The Lominger LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite is a set of tools that gives executives, managers, and human resource professionals the ability to put research, combined with leadership and organisational development best practices, into action. Organisations across Australia and New Zealand are implementing Lominger and similar competency based models with great success.

Effective Move

Source: PEPworldwide Published: unknown

Organisations regularly make decisions regarding moving. For some organisations, the reason is one of growth; for others it is the need to change their work environment; and yet for others it is the stark reality of downsizing which becomes the catalyst. Even before the final decision to move, organisations set into place the forces for the eventual outcome of opportunity or nightmare. A clear, proactive plan allowing for the definition of achievable results can make the difference between calm and chaos.

A case study

Our client, a major Australasian packaging company, identified a significant skills shortfall in the area of leadership.

See the full Case Study


What our clients say

"PEP has given me control. I am now in a confident position to control much of my time. Paperwork has been reduced, prioritised and delegated. The discipline of PEP has given me a level of control and has meant a level of freedom."

W J Taylor, Technical Director, Castlemaine Perkins

"One of the real benefits of PEP is team building. I am impressed with the way it gives people a common way of tackling work. The greatest benefit from PEP for me personally has been a real increase in self-confidence. This has enabled me to get on top of things at all times. I am pleased to report that the effects are immediate."

Glen Petersen, Director of Organisation Development, Lion Nathan Limited

"There is no doubt that we have gained productivity and extra time."

Ken Lewis, General Manager Safety and Environment, Qantas

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