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PEP for EAs/EOs

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Executive Assistants (EAs) and Executive Officers (EOs) are some of the most critical people in any Department or Agency in Australia.  A great E.A. is resourceful, innovative, and proactive, thinks independently, and doesn’t need much supervision or direction. An excellent E.A. is a natural decision-maker who can think under pressure and display good judgment.

This Program builds on these attributes and empowers these nuggets of gold with the skills and techniques to become even more efficient, productive, and professional.


This solution is ideal for

Learning Outcomes

Delivery Format

  • All EAs and EO’s working with Executives that work in a V3 environment*


The program covers:

  • Efficiency

  • Effectiveness

  • PEP for Outlook

* V3 - Volume of work, the velocity of work & variability of work

  • Become more highly organised using intelligent, efficient systems

  • Learn to manage their (and your) time more effectively & strategically

  • Complete all important tasks and help you do the same

  • Understand all the workings of workspace organization, workflow within their world, and yours

  • Delve deeper into the technical tools of Outlook to support her and your role

  • Become more proactive and empowered in their role

  • This program can be delivered online through virtual workshops and coaching or face-to-face at the Department or Agency.

  • Virtual sessions can be hosted on Zoom, Teams, or similar platforms, providing a live, synchronous setting.

  • Modules are a combination of workshop and content application, supported by coaching.

  • The delivery of the modules spread over?

Delivery time: 3 days

What they will gain

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Established streamlined processes for maximum efficiency for you both.

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Gain an extra two hours each day to spend working on high-priority tasks to support you and your Exec.

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Strategies to overcome sabotaging work habits that affect themselves, others, and you

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The ability to use technology more effectively for you both to reach your work goals

The key to PEP’s effectiveness and long-term success

PEP forever changes how people work, helping them consistently achieve their most important tasks. The ongoing support encourages participants to sustain their new good working habits for the long term.

PEP offers a unique blend of theoretical concept sessions and practical sessions. Group sessions introduce the general governing theories and skills, followed by one-on-one sessions at participants’ workstations. One of our expert coaches adapts the principles to suit each individual’s needs and working style.

Repetition is key to forming new habits. Therefore, PEP involves a process of interval training over the course of several weeks to encourage optimum learning and retention, ensuring that the ideas and behaviours learned will become permanent.

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