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Are you ready to take your productivity to the next level?
Welcome back to the world of efficiency with your refreshPEP 1 day Program, tailored specifically for individuals like you, who have experienced the transformative power of the Personal Efficiency Program.

# refreshPEP is only available for participants who have completed their PEP Program in the last two years. 
If you have completed PEP before 2022, it is recommended that you join a full Program due to the new tools available to you to stay on top in this ever changing workplace landscape.

Reinforce Your Skills:
Dive deep into the core principles and refresh your knowledge on essential strategies for time management, organisation, workflow and productivity enhancement.


Stay Ahead of the Game:
In today's fast-paced world, staying on top of your game is crucial. Our refresher program equips you with the best practices to ensure you remain at the forefront of efficiency.

Fine-Tune Your Approach
Whether it's mastering new tools, refining your workflow, or overcoming specific challenges, our expert coaches will provide personalised 1:1 guidance to help you maximise your efficiency and effectiveness.


Unlock your Full Potential
Rediscover the joy of achieving your goals with ease and confidence. Our refrehser program empowers you to unlock your potential and unleash your productivity superpowers like never before.


Don't let your momentum fade away - seize the opportunity to reignite your efficiency journey with refreshPEP 1-Day Program.

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