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A premium coaching package for Senior Executives and their assistants.

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What our Senior Executive clients are telling us:

  • Not enough time to spend on the big thinking, future planning and strategy work

  • Too many interruptions and not enough control over their time, particularly when in the office

  • Changing and competing priorities resulting in last minute requests and suboptimal product

  • Inability to predict and control workloads for themselves and their teams

  • High volume of emails and some meetings overriding important work

  • Varying ability to track delegated work and increase the accountability of the team

  • Insufficient time to prepare for important emails or other events

  • Differing ways of working between and within Executive offices.

What this adds up to is too much time spent on things that don't matter, too little time spent on the things only you can do.




An experienced Executive Coach will work alongside you and your support team to increase your efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration with others.

Our Executive Clients report seeing an increase of two hours per day to spend on the high impact and meaningful work


If you had two more hours available at work, each day, what would you be doing?

execPEP has a strong foundation based on global research into best practice behaviours and drawing from our experience working alongside thousands of senior executives, across 23 countries, over the past thirty years.

The program tailors its coaching to each client’s context and availability.


execPEP is delivered across a number of sessions to ensure that behavioural and process improvements are developed and implemented over time.

New skills are continually developed, refined and personalised.

What will execPEP explore?

  • Roles and responsibilities to focus on critical strategic thinking and value-adding at the right level

  • An environment where they can trust and rely on others to do what needs to be done​

  • Clarifying the work that only you can do and developing effective delegation skills

  • Challenging the organisational habits that reduce your and other's productivity

  • Increasing your control to make deliberate choices about where and how you spend your time, be that work, home or even the gym!

Some of the important topics covered by the 1:1 coaching to support the above are:

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Work Well

The best ways to work on, not just in, your organisation

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Get the most out of the executive assistant relationship

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Refined workflow processes to ensure you are achieving the desired results

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Effectively manage and support your teams and key stakeholders through prioritising, delegating, communication and collaboration

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Manage the high-level demands of your role and the work that sits within

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Use technology to work more effectively and efficiently

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Get greater control over where you spend your time

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Allow yourself to work productively on the most important tasks each day

Join the thousands of Senior Executives harnessing the power to work well.  

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“I am a strong supporter of the PEP process.  It gets into practical techniques that can help you work in a more organised and productive way with immediate effect. I have been PEPed twice, once individually and the second time as part of a small team.  Everyone should do this”. 

Mr Steve Grzeskowiak  
Deputy Secretary, Defence (recently retired) 


Let's talk!

Together, we will harness the power of working well.

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