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to harness the power to
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Understanding how to work is the key to unlocking our capacity for more meaningful work.

PEP recognises the volume, variety and variability of work can be overwhelming and resources are limited.

Many organisations have invested in hardware and software to support their people to work well.

A PEP program is an investment in your people to create the four pillars of success.


Purpose | Progress | Autonomy | Mastery


All our programs contribute to these four pillars.

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We help people to harness the power that allows them to work better.  PEP helps individuals and teams to get more meaningful work done each day.

PEP has had a lasting positive impact on the thousands of participants who have attended our programs.

Our Coaches have many years of experience as executive coaches and trainers, and we strive to deliver programs in the  best learning environment for each person.  This is our meaningful work.  This is what we love doing.

Personal Efficiency Program (PEP)

PEP Program participants:

  • apply the PEP principles to their own work at their desks within hours of training

  • receive one-to-one coaching to apply the principles to their own work; and

  • receive multiple training and coaching sessions separated over a period of weeks; up to 16 one-to-one coaching interactions relating to their own work.

Program Delivery:

  • four separate groups of modules delivered over a six-to-eight-week period to support the establishment of new work habits

  • training can be delivered in two formats:

    • web-based group training with one-to-one coaching sessions​

    • face-to-face coaching in the team's workspace with one-to-one coaching at the individual participant's desk

  • groups of up to six participants to allow for individual coaching.


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Most senior executives are already high-performing individuals looking for an edge toward reaching their fullest potential.  The execPEP program for Senior Executives, creates the conditions to think strategically with deliberate action. It offers senior executives the opportunity to benefit from a personalised, one-on-one partnership with a highly experienced Master PEP Coach that will help executives' pinpoint roadblocks and customise solutions to focus on high-value, strategic work that contributes to the organisation.

This solution is ideal for any Senior Executive wishing to make more time to be strategic and add real value.

This solution offers tailored strategies to manage competing priorities through the application of principles to unlock capacity for what’s truly important.

execPEP is delivered in one-on-one sessions with the principal and their immediate staff, in person or virtually.

Program Delivery is flexible:  Example 6 x 2 hourly sessions.

More solutions

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The ideal follow-up course is to ensure that previous participants of the PEP Program keep up the excellent work and continue to deliver highly productive deliverables that are high-impact, meaningful and important deliverables.


Let's talk!

Together, you will harness the power of working well.

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