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Together we worked with senior leaders and executives in a leading government department to fine-tune performance and sharpen the edges to increase their productivity, in a way that suited the individual's schedule and styles.

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"The sessions highlighted time stealing habits which we were able to address head on and create solutions to both elimate or minimise the impact these have on my work.  This decreased the amount of time I procrastinate and improved productivity, giving me more time to work on important tasks.  Whilst it is hard to estimate an exact number of hours per day, I would say it has beeen approximately 3 hours.

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The Challenge

Our client did not have the time to focus on the important strategy work that would have a high impact on the branch, leading to major positive changes to the Department.  The high volume of emails, meetings and interruptions were a constant source of time stealers. The client was stressed and frustrated at the lack of control they had over their days and time management was not something that she felt she could control.

Our Solution

Tailoring our coaching based on global research into best practice behaviour, we provided coaching support to the Senior Executive and their EA, to streamline email management, explored tools to managed meeting demands and clarified the work that only she could do and implemented effective delegation tools.

The Outcome

At the completion of six sessions, our client had implemented behavioural and process improvements to better manage four time stealing habits, which gave back over two hours per day.  Improved prioritisation and time management skills allowed her to schedule time for high value impact work, structure in her work life which resulted in the majority of tasks being completed at work, allowing greater freedom at home.

A fantastic outcome, again!

“I feel more structured, in control, and less stressed. I have a much better work/life balance, and for the first time in months, I didn’t work on the weekend and made it to my daughter's soccer game after work.”

My EA and I now work seamlessly together and have formed an agreed approach to ensure that our priorities are in sync.

My day is structured, and although I still have to change plans for the urgent and important work that pop-up, I am getting to spend time on high-value impact work.

I feel more focused, and I know what my capabilities are.

Let's talk!

Together, you will harness the power of working well.

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