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Personal Efficiency Program (PEP)

PEPworldwide’s Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) forever changes how people work. Practical solutions are applied to improve employees’ working styles, and the resulting productivity gains enable them to achieve more. Employee engagement increases and stress levels decrease.

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PEP is our 'principles-based' program, sharing 12 principles that help participants unlock what’s truly important in becoming more effective and efficient and boosting workplace performance.

Our principles are simple and easy to apply.

Group sessions provide an opportunity to explore tools, techniques, and strategies by reflecting on how people work and action on key priorities.  In addition, individual coaching sessions are designed to encourage participants to think, plan and execute.

Our focus is on replacing unproductive habits with new habits, resulting in more time on meaningful work, prolonged concentration, better management of interruptions and less procrastination.

Now lets start talking about the outcomes that your team will get.

The outcomes:



Established streamlined processes for maximum efficiency

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Produce results by doing the right things at the right time

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Measurable results in their performance and job satisfaction

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Positive, productive work habits

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Tools and strategies to prioritise your work effectively

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Improved work-life balance through less stress and more control of their work

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Tools and awareness to manage interruptions and distractions.

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Up to an extra two hours each day to focus on high-impact work

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Skills to contribute to a culture of respect and well-being

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Enhanced use of technology to achieve your work goals

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Time to do your work that has an impact

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Self-reflection, awareness and tools to work better in teams


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PEP Refresh

For our PEP teams, who seek the opportunity to refresh their skills to go deeper, get back on track, or boost their performance to another level with the latest technology.

The How:

PEP solutions change behaviour by implementing our unique format of:

  • Four separate days of learning over eight weeks to support the establishment of new work habits.

  • Brief on-target focussed workshops followed by individual coaching at the participants’ workstations.

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"I feel I am more in control of my work, better prepared and proactively manage my day rather than feeling reactive and switching between tasks as things pop up. I have allocated time to think and plan and reflect on my work. Overall, I have reduced the sense of overwhelm by better managing my inbox and workload."

“I’m no longer committing to non-urgent/nonimportant tasks. Now I check deadlines, evaluate the task and understand the job properly before I start it.”

 “I am better organised; I am getting more work done within hours rather than always having to resort to after hours to finish my tasks.”

All quotes are from Australian Federal Government Departments, that cannot assign names to public testimonials


Let's talk!

Together, you will harness the power of working well.

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