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Harness the power to

work better


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The Results

PEP participants report on average, that they gain an extra 2 hours back in their day!

“Each PEP program run is the equivalent of adding one extra trained and experienced person to your team working on high impact, important and meaningful work.”
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*based on a standard 6 pax PEP Program

This equates to a total of 2,880 extra
hours of productivity per year!

Work smarter, unleash your productivity, and achieve exceptional performance.

Productivity and efficiency coaching for professionals who want to reach their full potential.

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“PEP has changed the way I work.  I feel more in control.  I know what I have to do and when I will do it.  I now have time to focus on my important work. I feel the quality of my home life has increased tenfold.”

How your team will benefit from the Personal Efficiency Program

What PEP offers

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Grow your people's wellbeing

Support your people to feel liberated and empowered in the workplace and their wider lives.  

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Efficient workspace

Create an organised workspace using best practice solutions.

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Rediscover your purpose

You will cut through the noise, bring back some balance and re-engage with what matters.

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Increase productivity

Harness greater productivity, better outcomes, and improved organisational performance. 

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Plan to succeed

You will experience the liberating effects of purposeful planning and the satisfaction of achieving the right results.

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Gain greater control

You will gain greater control over your workflow, tasks and  strategic work to deliver at peak performance.

Clarity 2.png
Gain clarity

You will define your high-impact objectives and the information you need to accomplish them.

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Discover new tools

You will delve deeper into the applications available in Microsoft 365 and assess their relevance to the way you work.

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Grow meaningful connections

You will help create a culture that encourages collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Been PEP'ed?

Need a refresh to stay on top of your game?

We got you!


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With PEP, you will harness the power of working well.  

Allow us to show you how.

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“PEP would have to be one of the best, if not the best, course I have attended in the past 20 years.   Applying the principles of PEP is straightforward and ensures that I am working as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

All quotes are from Australian Federal Government Departments, that cannot assign names to public testimonials

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