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Our Coaches:

Coaching can be a very personal experience, we take the time to find the right coach to ensure teams and individuals have the opportunity to maximise their career potential.

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Tim D'Arcy
Chief Executive Officer, Master PEP Coach, Senior Executive Coach

Tim has coached staff, managers and senior executives in the Personal Efficiency Program for 20 years. Many of today's SES and senior Federal government executives were PEPed by TIm early in their careers, and Tim continues to deliver the execPEP Program to executives across a diverse range of Departments and Agencies.

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Deb Putt
Chief Operations Officer, Executive Trainer, Coach

Deb has worked with PEP since 2017.  Prior to joining PEP Debra had deep experience in continuous improvement with a passion for the identification, analysis, development and implementation of business processes and procedures. Her expertise in this field saw her work on significant government and private sector contracts for LeasePlan Australia. 

Her extensive experience developing and managing teams has been key in all her roles. She is committed to the development and achievement of all team members and to facilitating effective teamwork to achieve outstanding results. Debra has also owned and operated a private business since 2006.

In September 2021, she took on the Chief Operations Officer role and continues delivering PEP Programs.


Jacqui Walsh
Professional Services Manager, Executive Trainer, Coach

Jacqui has worked with PEPworldwide since July 2019.  She is an accomplished senior executive with over 25 years of experience in the private sector and more recently owning and operating two private businesses.  As a PEP Coach, Jacqui has worked with hundreds of staff at varying levels across the Australian Public Service.  She loves what she does and is passionate about the PEP Program and the results that her participants achieve.

In September 2021, she took on the role of Professional Services and Training Executive, combining her facilitation experience into the training of new facilitators and manages the Professional Services Division.  Jacqui continues to deliver Programs to the Australian Public Service.

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Ian Higginbottom
Senior Account Manager, Executive Coach

Ian is an executive coach who works with senior executives and school leaders to develop highly effective work practices, create high-performing teams and generate cultures in which people thrive.


Ian has delivered hundreds of PEP programs and coached over 65 SES officers and school principals since he joined PEP Worldwide in 2014.


Ian is a professionally credentialed coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and, in addition to PEP, is extensively trained in Ontological Coaching and Generative Leadership. He brings to his coaching a depth of leadership experience gained founding and leading a software company from start-up to venture capital partnership. 


Fiona Oliver
Senior Account Manager, Senior Executive Coach

Fiona has been working with PEPworldwide in Canberra since 2002, but her personal experience with the Personal Efficiency Program began back in 1997 when she held a senior role at RMIT University.  After reading Kerry Gleeson's The Personal Efficiency Program she implemented the PEP principles and finally gained mastery over her in-box and the mountains of paper that passed over her desk.  For much of her time with PEPworldwide Pty Ltd Fiona has worked closely with senior executives and their executive assistants and executive officers to help them develop agreed ways of working together that help them spend more time on the most meaningful parts of their roles. 


Fiona has extensive management and leadership experience.  After 14 years working in the public sector and a further 2 ½ years in the higher education sector, she worked for 10 years in her own business as a management consultant working with both public and private sector organisations. In 2021, after 10 years in a full-time senior staff role at PEPworldwide, Fiona moved into a part-time coaching role so that she could have more time to pursue her other consulting and creative interests.

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Tim Crowden
Senior Account Man
ager, Executive Coach

Tim is an Executive & Leadership Coach,  leading, developing, coaching, and mentoring individuals and teams for success.  His empathetic style coupled with strong communication skills facilitates learning and results for individuals, teams, and organisations.  He has a strong demonstrated experience in career coaching in government, private and not-for-profit sectors.


Tim is the President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACT Branch, Australasia Chapter.


Tim was a leader and manager in the national security and defence sectors in Australia and New Zealand, including 16 years in the Senior Executive Service (SES). He has led large diverse teams dealing with complex policy and business operations, large infrastructure programs, and transformation, culture, and change-management programs.  He successfully works with participants from different industries, countries, and professional backgrounds.  Tim’s ability to work in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments enables him to deliver highly tailored and relevant ExecPEP and PEP Programs.  

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Claudio Gomes
Executive Coach

Claudio brings extensive experience in coaching new executives through their transitions from an EL to an SES mindset. His approach leverages skills from EA, EOs, and direct reports to enhance Senior Executives' performance and establish positive relationships. With a pragmatic approach to implementing changes in complex organizations, Claudio draws on his long career as an IT professional, including his previous role as Head of IT at Abbott Laboratories, the fifth-largest global pharmaceutical company at the time. He is adept at finding solutions to challenging problems and possesses the emotional intelligence, conscientiousness, and influence necessary to build effective teams and relationships.


Through his years of senior management experience, Claudio helps his clients achieve their goals and reach their full potential. For senior executives in the Australian federal government, Claudio is an ideal partner in navigating their transitions and optimizing their performance.

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Kate Clement
Executive Coach

Kate has 20 plus years of experience with group facilitation and coaching in Southern Africa and Australia.

She has been a PEP coach for 6 years working with people to develop habits that help them feel more in control of workload, less stressed and more focussed on results that matter them.

Her speciality is getting groups and leaders to turn towards unexplored areas of potential and surface creative solutions. She loves to work with people to dig deeper and uncover group intelligence, innovation and new thinking.


Tania Willis
Executive Coach

Tania is a facilitator and certified coach (ACC) and Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (FIML), with over 30 years of experience as a higher educational professional.


Prior to establishing her own business, Tania was a senior leader at the ANU and led several strategic, service delivery focused areas, such as admissions, access and equity support services, critical incident management, health promotion and wellbeing services, transition, engagement and widening participation strategy and the development and delivery of training for senior leaders, academic and professional staff, and student leaders. Additionally, she has worked collaboratively with specialist units, boards, and committees to review and develop strategy, policy and procedures and implementation of change.


Tania facilitates a range of management, leadership and team building programs and has trained and coached hundreds of individuals and teams across a diverse range of organisations. Alongside coaching individuals and teams, she is currently facilitating PEP, facilitating the Women in Leadership Executive Program through the Women Leaders Institute, and delivering training within the Diploma of Leadership with the YWCA She Leads Program


Angie Draca

Angie has been with PEP Worldwide since 2004 coaching hundreds of staff, managers and senior executives in the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP). She also facilitates a range of management , leadership and soft skills programs training across a diverse range of organisations. Prior to PEP, Angie was a senior manager within the Public Service for seventeen years, managing, coaching and training staff from 1988 to 2003.  

Angie enjoys helping PEP participants find time and space to think, strategise and use their tools to control of their workloads. Her energy and deep understanding of the PEP content contributes to creating sustained changes in the workplace and empowered participants. 

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Ronita Neal

Ronita has coached staff, managers and executives in a range of APS and other organisations in the Personal Efficiency Program since 2014. Prior to joining PEP Ronita has worked for 27 years in many different settings including Commonwealth and State Public Service, the private sector, Higher Education sector, and the Health sector and as a business owner. She has designed and implemented projects to improve the quality of service provision by both staff and external providers

She has been a Non-Executive Board Member for a large NFP and is a member of the AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors as well as a member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

 She is a Past President of the International Coach Federation, Queensland Branch and has held leadership positions in other professional associations.


In her professional roles she has coached and trained people in a range of positions across government and non-government organisations with an emphasis on strategies for sustainable high performance. She is familiar with the range of challenges that can arise in the course of daily work and how these can affect productivity and work satisfaction. She enjoys working with individuals and teams to understand how to use their strengths to be more positive and productive.

 Her coaching style has been described as “conversational and supportive” but can be “direct and to the point” when it is needed.

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Matt D'Arcy

Matt has worked within the health and wellness industry for over 15+ years and joined PEP in 2021. He has also spent extensive time in volunteer roles supporting disability and low socio-economic communities. Matt has significant experience managing casual, permanent, and part-time teams in highly regulated, high-risk environments.

Matt’s communication style is empathetic and engaging, specialising in a holistic approach to habit and lifestyle change, whilst being grounded in realistic and practical approaches based on the individual. 


Christie Flora

Christie worked for the ACT Government as an Executive Assistant and the Australian  Federal Public Service as an Executive Assistant and Policy Officer, from 2010 to 2016. she then moved to Melbourne where she runs her own consulting company assisting individuals and teams to eliminate overwhelm in their lives and work.

Christie joined PEP in 2022 and her experience working with Senior Executives, teams and individuals brings a wealth of knowledge to the PEP team.  She loves delivering the Program and is passionate about its benefits as well as the results that the participants take away to use in their everyday lives.


Cecilia Jones

Prior to commencing her own business, Cecilia had 25 years’ leadership experience in people strategy in the Commonwealth Government, the Health Sector, and private consultancy.


Cecilia is an expert trained and credentialed Coach and accredited Conflict Coach. Cecilia is an adept Facilitator and Trainer of many years practice.


Prior to joining the Human Resources profession, Cecilia was an ICU nurse manager, leading teams in busy, multi-disciplinary and high-pressure environments.


As a highly qualified and credentialed consultant, with extensive and broad organisational and leadership skills and expertise, Cecilia provides a unique breadth of perspectives and insights, bringing an unparalleled quality to her consultancy, coaching and facilitation practice.


Cecilia was first introduced to PEP in 2012 and has been applying the PEP principles ever since.

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Johanna de Ruyter

Johanna joined PEP in 2021 and has extensive expererience as a facilitator and coach since 2013, working with individuals and teams on effective communication and impact, collaboration to strengthen relationships using creative practices.


Steve Hledik

Steve joined PEP in 2022 and is a change specialist who has built his experience with over 30 years of establishing and delivering transformative programs of work in large operational organisations. As a successful manager he has insights of the relationships between people and operations and in leading change through innovation and tackling problems from a different perspective.

Steve brings proven skills and techniques to tailor an approach to working with your organisation to untangle problems and to co-design strategies and pathways that will work to your success into the future.

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Diana Ryan

With more than 30 years in training, education, management and leadership, Diana’s skills, knowledge, experience and passion enable her to facilitate effective, engaging and informative training sessions. She loves to empower participants to grow their potential, strengthen their self-confidence and achieve outstanding results.

Diana’s involvement in the training industry has spanned vocational and corporate education in private and public sectors; and development and facilitation of numerous programs for state and federal government agencies.  She is delighted to be a PEP coach and witness participants’ instant wins with the PEP program. 



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