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PEP for Graduates

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PEP for

Is the perfect way to ensure that you are providing your graduate talent with a stable foundation for their careers. They have been taught the knowledge that you want.   You have selected the talent.  Now is the time to ensure that you are starting them off with sound work habits that support their work organisation and workflow management and give them the power to understand how to use Outlook to its fullest.  You are giving them confidence and a solid understanding of how to work.


At PEP, we are passionate about delivering a high-quality program for your graduates to ensure they start their career with you with a work-life-ready approach to their day-to-day management of their work.


This solution is ideal for

Learning Outcomes

  • All graduates who have joined your Department or Agency

The program covers:

  • Efficiency

  • PEP for Outlook

  • Your graduates will acquire the skills and tools to manage their work's volume, velocity, and variability.

  • Learn proven principles to set up their digital and physical workspace

  • Understand the principles of capturing and retaining their work

  • Understand the importance of booking time to do their work

  • Master techniques to overcome sabotaging work habits such as the impact of multiple handing, distractions, interruptions, and procrastination.

Delivery Format

  • This program can be delivered online through virtual workshops and coaching or face-to-face at the Department or Agency.

  • Virtual sessions can be hosted on Zoom, Teams, or similar platforms, providing a live, synchronous setting.

  • Modules are a combination of workshop and content application, supported by coaching.

  • The delivery of the modules is spread over six weeks (1 day per fortnight) to allow ample time for absorption, familiarisation, and practice.

Delivery time:  2 days over three weeks

What they will gain

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Established streamlined processes for maximum efficiency for you both.

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Gain an extra two hours each day to spend working on high-priority tasks to support you

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The ability to manage interruptions and distractions within their and your workspace.

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Strategies to overcome sabotaging work habits that affect themselves, others, and you

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The ability to use technology more effectively for you both to reach your work goals

The key to PEP’s effectiveness and long-term success

PEP forever changes how people work, helping them consistently achieve their most important tasks. The ongoing support encourages participants to sustain their new good working habits for the long term.

PEP offers a unique blend of theoretical concept sessions and practical sessions. Group sessions introduce the general governing theories and skills, followed by one-on-one sessions at participants’ workstations. One of our expert coaches adapts the principles to suit each individual’s needs and working style.

Repetition is key to forming new habits. Therefore, PEP involves a process of interval training over the course of several weeks to encourage optimum learning and retention, ensuring that the ideas and behaviours learned will become permanent.

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"Not having worked in a government department before starting with DFAT, the PEP program helped me to establish my workflow, set up my Outlook to support me and stopped me developing habits, by establishing routines."


Let's Talk!

Contact us today if you want to discuss ways we can help you harness the power of working well.

Together we WILL transform your skills.

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